viernes, 27 de enero de 2012

A city
A house
A room
A conversation
- luis; hello
- jordi:hi
- luis: how are you?
- jordi: I´m ok
- luis: can you turn the sound on, please?
- jordi: Sure, I am on my own

- So, are you coming on Monday?
- I´ll be there at 9, I know you´ve got second thoughts about this but I really want us to give ourselves a chance

- You know that I am looking for a long term relationship, that is not going to happen with you
- I know, but I really want to see you
- Sweetheart?
- I must be off, mi wife has just arrived


- I am almost there
- Not to worry, I´ll wait


- Watch your back!
- Hello
- You promised me a kiss

- I´ve only got two hours, shall we go to your place?
- Let´s go
- Come, lets not waste any time
- Sure

- God
- You really know what I want

- On the bed
- Let me do it now
- Rim my ass afterwards
- I really wanted this
- Get on top of me

- You are hurting me
- I cannot hold it any longer
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- I felt so well and special
- You know we cannot have more than these occasional moments
- What are you saying? Haven´t you felt anything?
- No, it is not that but you are married and cannot commit more
A conversation
-  Then there is nothing else to say
A bedroom
A house
A city